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Two quality varifocal glasses for only £89

2 For 1 Varifocals

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Two quality varifocals for only £89!

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2 quality varifocals Deal:

Reserve this deal and book now get 2 quality varifocals for £89.

  • Two pairs of quality varifocals lenses
  • Includes hard coating
  • Includes frame from the Classic Collection
  • Includes free comprehensive face to face Eye Test

Choose from:

  • Standard quality varifocal glasses*
    2 pairs for £89 (25% off on the second pair)
  • Premium quality varifocal glasses
    2 pairs for £219 (35% off on the second pair)
  • Add premium ad-ons with Clarkes Locked In Price
    2 pairs for £360 (40% off on the second pair)

Important Note:

This deal can only be taken in connection with an appointment booking.

* The deal includes 2 pairs of varifocal lenses made of lightweight plastic (index 1.5) including a hard coating and two freely selectable frames from the Classic Collection. Both glasses must be ordered on the same day. Also included: Eye test.

**The Locked In Price Offer includes 1 pair of varifocal lenses of the latest generation (with a price cap from £225) or 1 pair of premium single vision lenses (with a price cap from £109), each made of light plastic (index 1.50 to index 1.60) with an anti Scratch , Super anti-reflective coating and nano-coating, as well as a freely selectable frame from Clarke Opticians Classic collections and eye test. Upgraded frames for an additional charge of only £45 (frame selection may vary depending on the Brand selected). For prescriptions of more than 3.00 dpt, we recommend extra thin materials for a surcharge of only £90. Optionally, a sunglasses tint or photochromic lens can be selected free of charge. Also included in the Price Locked offer: If you are not satisfied within 30 days of the invoice date, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Delivery area as far as technically possible and while stocks last. The deal is limited to 500 voucher codes. If all available vouchers have been bought, this deal ends, but no later than April 30, 2023.

A deal from Clarke Opticians, 8 Quinton Parade Coventry CV3 5HW, United Kingdom. Cannot be used with other discounts and promotions. Offer duration and availability may be adjusted by Clarke Opticians.