Figures in brackets are those payable by NHS patients as top up fees.

NHS eyetest
Includes ophthalmoscopy, refraction and all tests clinically necessary
Private ocular examination
Includes digital photography, ophthalmoscopy, refraction, binocular workout with fixation disparity, tonometry, visual fields
£29.50 (£10.00)
Ocular examination with dilation and retinal pigment density screening
As above but also includes dilation, volk & rhuby lens, slit lamp microscopy, full threshold visual field assessment, tonometry
Full ocular examination
As above but includes copy of retinal photographs - recorded on computer for future reference
Ocular report and images saved on computer £20.00
Repeat Fields, tonometry £10.00
Tinted overlay assessment
For dyslexics and migraine sufferers who may benefit from overlays when reading
Intuitive Colorimeter assessment
For dyslexics or migraine sufferers to obtain a specific tint to be ordered on spectacles
Contact lens assessment
To assess suitability, lens type & to teach insertion and removal
Contact lens aftercare
Including fundoscopy
Contact lens aftercare for lenses supplied elsewhere £50.00 - £60.00