Eye Tests in Coventry

eye test in coventry

What's involved

Eyes do not always let you know in an obvious way when something is wrong. Sight deterioration can be very gradual. Most of your vision is concentrated in the central area at the back of the eye, and vision can be quite severely impaired at the edges of your eyes before you notice anything.

For these reasons it is advisable to have an eye test at our Coventry practice about every two years, even if you think that everything is OK. Children and adults with some medical conditions may need tests more often.

The eye test can also detect some medical conditions you may not be aware of such as high blood pressure, diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, multiple sclerosis and brain tumours - all good reasons for including a test as part of your healthcare routine.

At Clarke Opticians in Coventry we spend a lot of time giving your eyes a thorough check up. We have a fully equipped consulting room to look at every aspect of eye health. We have recently bought a new camera to take pictures of the back of the eye and measure macular pigment density which is an early predictor of the risk of Age-related Macular Degeneration. Images are of very good quality and will be put on a USB stick for you to take away.

The eye test lasts up to 40 minutes and consists of finding out:

  • about your general health and medical history, including current medicines you are taking - some medicines and medical conditions affect your eyesight
  • about your work and lifestyle
  • about any family history of eye problems
  • if you have any eye problems at the moment
  • which lenses you need, if any, to correct your vision to its optimum
  • if the inside of your eye is healthy. This is done using an instrument that shines a bright light into the eye so that the optometrist can see internal structures
  • if the pressure inside the eye is normal - a test for glaucoma
  • if your eyes can move normally
  • if you can see at the edges of your vision as well as the central area