Choosing the Lenses

Choosing the lenses for your spectacles is just as important as choosing the frame. Appearance and performance can be optimised by the right choice for you. There are thin lens options as well for high prescriptions that look considerably better than normal thickness lenses.

Bifocal lenses

These lenses have a section for reading through and a section for distance vision. They are available in a wide selection of choices for different users. These are used by people who are short sighted (things far away are blurred), but also need reading glasses.

Varifocal (progressive) lenses

These have no dividing line between distance and near parts of the lens for those who need bifocals. The lens changes gradually through near, middle and distant sections, giving better vision at more distances than for bifocals.

Tinted lenses

If you have problems with bright lights, and also if you need prescription sunglasses, a range of tints can be applied to help. The new Experia lens is also polarised for superb glare reduction especially when driving. Graduated tints can also be applied which are darker at the top and lighter at the bottom for reading.

Transitions lenses

These are the lenses that go dark as a reaction to the amount of ultraviolet light - a pair of clear and sunglasses all in one frame. However they do not darken greatly through glass, so are not as good for driving in bright sunlight.